Atmos - How do I playback and download calls?

The Call Listing page is the page that allows you to search for, download and playback calls currently stored in your Atmos system.
The points below relate to the tab numbers in the image below:

  1. “Time Zone” – The time zone can be manually adjusted to display calls in your current time zone. This default time zone setting is the value specified in user settings.
  2. The company selector will allow you to easily navigate between the various companies that you MAY have access to, the drop down list will also give you the option to log out of Atmos.
  3. The help \ assistance icon will take you to the Atmos User Guide (this page).
  4. The player, will allow you to control the “playback” and “volume” of the call currently being played, as well as show the position within the call.
  5. The call grid displays a single row for each call, each call will be listed with “Start Time”, “Duration”, “Ext”, “Agent”, “Number”, “Flag”, “Site” and “Call Direction”. Each of these to playback a specific call, simple select the call by highlighting the associated row and the call will immediately begin to play back. At the end of each row there is also a download icon, clicking on this icon will download the call in a non-encrypted mp3 format.
  6. Each column in the call grid can be either sorted, by simply clicking on the column name or filtered by clicking on the funnel icon and completing the dialogue box.
  7. By default 15 calls will be returned per page, you can navigate through the pages by either clicking on the page numbers or using the navigation controls.
  8. You can change the number of items returned on each page by selecting the “items per page” dropdown.
  9. The call count will show you exactly how many calls match your required search parameter.
  10. You can refresh the results returned in order to include any recent calls in the returned results.

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