Atmos - What it's all about

The Atmos voice logger has been developed by Call Cabinet Corporation™, market leaders in providing enterprise voice logging and call recording solutions.

Our knowledge and expertise in the enterprise voice logging industry has allowed us to provide you with an industry first cloud based COMPLIANT and secure call call logging solution starting from as little as R395 per month.

Whether you need to record calls for staff training, dispute resolution, compliance or security reasons, our logger will allow you complete flexibility, scalability and unlimited storage of your calls and other sensitive data without the need for any additional hardware or installation services.

All calls are 100% compliant and are individually secured and encrypted at source with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each individual call.

All calls are stored in our cloud servers and are not only backed up, but can also be made to be redundant across multiple servers and geographical locations. Our logger also supports multiple time zones, multiple recording locations and the ability to search, sort and locate your calls within seconds.

Whether you have 1 location with 5 extensions or a nationwide infrastructure with multiple branches and millions of calls, our compliant logger is the solution for you!

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